Study on Molecular Templates PD-L1 ETB with Antigen Seeding Technology Presented at SITC Annual Meeting


Antigen Seeding Technology (AST) is a Potent and Complimentary Addition to Companys Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETB) Technology AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Molecular Templates, Inc., (Nasdaq: MTEM), a clinical-stage oncology company focused on the discovery and development of the companys proprietary engineered toxin bodies (ETBs), which are differentiated, targeted, biologic therapeutics for cancer, announced the presentation today of a poster on its PD-L1 ETB with Antigen Seeding Technology (AST) at the ongoing Society for Immunotherapy of Cancers (SITC) 33rd Annual Meeting, currently taking place in Washington D.C. Antigen Seeding Technology represents a novel immune-oncology approach leveraging the novel mechanism of action of Molecular Templates ETB technology. ETBs engineered with Antigen Seeding Technology are capable of delivering viral antigens as a payload inside the target tumor, resulting in the antigens being presented on the cell surface of the tumor cells in complex with MHC-1. ETB therapeutics incorporating antigen seeding are designed to work through dual mechanisms of action by redirecting a high avidity, pre-existing antigen-specific cytotoxic T cell (CTL) response to the tumor while at the same inducing cell death via the enzymatic and permanent destruction of ribosomes. Coupling two distinct mechanisms of tumor cell killing into one ETB molecule provides the potential to increase target penetrance, expand a prolonged immune response, and overcome tumor resistance. The poster, titled Identification and Functional Profiling of PD-L1 Targeted Engineered Toxin Bodies for Antigen Seeding Technology (AST) and Redirection of T cell Response to Tumors summarizes a series of preclinical experiments conducted by Molecular Templates to create PD-L1 targeted ETBs that have antigen seeding properties and to analyze the mechanisms by which they can kill cancer cells. Antigen Seeding Technology represents a novel approach to immune-oncology that may be active in patients where standard immune-oncology approaches have been exhausted, said Eric Poma, Ph.D., Molecular Templates Chief Executive and Scientific Officer. We are currently conducting in vivo studies with PD-L1 targeted ETBs that have AST functionality. Our plan is to file an IND and enter the clinic with our first PD-L1 ETB candidate employing AST in 2019. Poster Presentation Details: …

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Source: US SEC
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