BioHiTech Global Reports Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results 


Q3 2018 revenues increase by 65.8% with gross profit increasing by 282.8%
Business Highlights

– Entered into Letter of Intent to Increase the Companys Stake in the Nations First HEBioT Resource Recovery Facility
– The 56,000 square foot facility, located in Martinsburg, West Virginia, is expected to generate over $7 million in annual revenue in 2019 when it begins its first year of full operations. The Martinsburg operation
utilizes a patented process that will convert approximately 40% or more of municipal solid waste (MSW) processed at the facility into a clean burning EPA approved
alternative fuel (Solid Recovered Fuel or SRF), resulting in up to an 80% overall reduction in landfill usage. While the letter of intent not a binding obligation on the
Company and is subject to completion of a definitive agreement, the Company expects to complete the transaction in Q4 2018 that will bring its ownership stake in the
facility to over 45% and enable it to consolidate the operations in its financial statements. A substantial majority of the MSW for processing and all of the Solid Recovered
Fuel are covered under supply and purchase contracts for a minimum of ten years.
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Source: US SEC
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