Thursday, December 8, 2022

Content Guideline

We leverage our parent company Zerroo’s content processing algorithms to score and curate articles and news content. All articles submitted need to meet our Minimal Content Insights (“MCI”) threshold in order to be approved and published on industryview.org

Below, you will find content guidelines that form the foundation of our MCI scoring framework:

What constitutes high MCI content?

  • Original content
  • Content that provides timely and relevant updates on developments within a subject area
  • Content that expresses substantiated views on outlook or future scenarios within a subject area

What are the underlying factors considered?


  • Is the content a mere copy or highly similar to content from a different source
  • Does the content provide new or additional data points on a subject area
  • Does the content express a new or differing view compared to existing literature

Timely and relevant updates

  • When was the content published
  • Does the article cite relevant sources or authorities
  • Does the author have a past track record of timely, relevant content publication

Expressing substantiated views

  • Does the content differentiate facts from statements of opinion
  • Are statements of opinion qualitatively or quantitatively substantiated
  • How do other users engaged with past content from the same author


Are backlinks and advertorial messages allowed in content?

Yes – We understand that many of our content contributors rely on content to generate business flows and new relationships. Industryview.org provides a global outreach platform to business professionals and decision makers globally. This benefits our content contributors and incentivises high quality content creation.

How can i contribute content?

There are 3 ways in which you can contribute content articles: (i) Create a contribute account and write a post via this link, (ii) add [email protected] to your content mailing list, (iii) submit your content RSS feed

I have submitted my content, but it has not been published. Why is that so?

All articles submitted are added to a queue and reviewed programmatically by our system. If your content has not yet been published, it could be due ti the following reasons: (i) the content does not meet our MCI requirements or; (ii) it is still in our queue system pending review

Is there a minimal length for articles to pass MCI requirements?

No – There is no minimal content length. Short articles that are original and deliver pointed and substantiated insights are equally likely to meet our MCI requirements

Can I push my content articles out to industryview.org reads via email and push notifications?

Yes – All certified content partners (“CCPs”) can choose to push articles out via push notifications and emails to our users. This can be done via the acxount dashboard. However, each article can only be pushed once.

How do i become a certified content partner?

Contributors achieve Certified Content Partner (“CCP”) status automatically after 10 published articles i.e. articles that meet MCI requirements